NEWS: B Mak Breaths out over H Mac, XYZ Breakup

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Truth be told, H Mac is an amazing guy. Given the amount of things he knows,i’m truly surprised that he hasn’t come public with it..I would suggest that you stop agitating the situation because it has the ability to become really messy.

What surprises me is how people are mad at someone who decided to upgrade his life. How can you hate on someone who chose to start his own company? Don’t be enemies of progress, change in life is inevitable, and the only thing you can do about it is embrace it.

No human being can play Gods’ role to say whether or not someone will succeed or fail.. Stop that backward thinking and give the guy a break. Do not allow your loyalty to a record label affect your ability to think and be objective.. You can’t love someone one day and hate him the next day simply because he wants better for himself.. This is truly a lesson that people will pretend to love and support you and yet their love is fake and conditional..I don’t think I would have had the same tolerance and restraint that H is exhibiting if I was in his shoes because one simple piece of information is all it takes to end all of this for more information about the news ready more…

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