Talented Zambian musician dish out the long awaiting ALBUM titled ANOMALY for more information Enjoy the list below

1,space Trip DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

2,Can’t get enough DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

3,Moving out DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

4,Cracking up ft John stylez DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

5,All i ever wanted DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

6,Amnesia DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

7,Suicide DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

8,How the hell DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

9,Die for your love ft Kums vert DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

10,Masterpiece DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

11,On a flight DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

12,Lust dunk DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

13,love like DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

14,Going bad DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

15,3 in the morning ft keylow DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

16,Aiming DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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