Hello, Munkomba Raphael Shangai are my full names alias Djay Ruphas aka The Zamaikan Bwouy. I’m a radio DJ and full time media practitioner, simplifying it? Well, I’m a reporter, news anchor and video editor.

Growing up as a child i always dreamt of being a chef like my Dad but as time went on i switched to Computer engineering, medicine at some point and finally landed at Journalism.

I attended my Primary level at Messiah Primary then moved to Golden North for my Junior secondary before transferring to Chilanga Basic to finish my last year of junior secondary and finally did my senior level at Parklands Secondary were i graduated with……..😂😂😂

Once upon a time wanted to do medicine but fell in love with the music and thought if i can not do music my self then why not promote it in other ways thus i enrolled to pursue a diploma in journalism and public relations at EVELYN Hone College.

Here is the birth of my radio career, HoneFm Radio which transmits on 94.1 megahertz gave me my first radio presence as a Co-host of a show called Monday Elevation Show which runs from 18-21hrs

Society look at radio as an easy thing to do but my first days were not as easy as that though i thank God for giving me courage to focus and have determination. Not forgetting for giving me the necessary skills i need to strive through this industry.

in short i have dedicated my life to see to it that the Zambian music industry and africa at large to reach its greatest heights with your help of course.

Let’s not just dream the life let’s live the life.

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