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Saint is a Malawian Afro-pop and Reggae/dancehall sensation that has been active in the Malawian
urban music circles since 2013. The music icon was born in 1991 as Yamikani Chikwawe in the heart of
the Malawian capital city, Lilongwe. A Journalist by profession Saint has worked for MBC’s Radio 2 Fm as
a presenter from 2014 to 2017 before he switched to work for MIJ FM. His musical interests and talent
date back to his early childhood years as a young choir member of his then church choir which instilled a
flaming passion in him that later birthed the artist that he is today.
The multitalented urban music act comes from a musical background as his mother and older siblings
were also members of the church choir which allowed music to be his immediate surrounding growing
up. Saint set out on to create a peculiar path for himself on the music scene in 2012 when he recorded
his debut single “No Love” that was curated and put together at Step-Up records by the renowned
producer Don Foxxy. The song made airwaves on most local radio stations rendering young Saint as one
of the promising up and coming artists in the Reggae/Dancehall front at the time. Saint took the industry
by storm when he released a follow-up single, a conscious reggae number called “Ndimalakwitsa” that
diversified and expanded the horizon of his musical reach as the song was loved by not only the youth
but also the older generation for it’s rich and mature content conceptually and lyrically thus shifting the
demographic of his target market and audience.
Saint which is a short form of his full artist name “Saint Revealed” is one of the most versatile artists
with an extraordinarily ability to do a multiple genres and flex his lyrical muscles at a genius level. The
ingenuity of his music craftsmanship is epitomic and it sets him apart from the pool of his peer strata of
artists. In 2014, he released another single with a more afrocentric touch of Pasada called “One Last
Kiss”. The song carried him on a different wave away from his usual Reggae/dancehall sound that he had
set a record on prior to this. Upon gaining a distinguishable and distinctive fan base the music genius
went on to work on his debut studio album in the third quarter of the same year,2014 called “Acoustic
Heart” which was released in June of 2015 with “Tikudikilanji” as the lead single that carried the album.
The album was produced and engineered by Abstract Record’s producers EQ and Sam Mzota with EQ as
the executive producer of this genius music body.
Acoustic Heart reflects the personal experiences and mirrors into the soul of the youthful Yamikani
Chikwawe on different levels and accords. The hunger and fire in young Saint is depicted on songs like
Wars, Journeys, Mama Africa and Rise Pon DI Wicked that speak for people from all walks of life for the
perfectly sculpted message in the songs that resonated with a lot of the listeners on a broader
spectrum. By 2016 Saint’s career had totally taken off on fiery ride with the release of his smash single
“Akazanga” that scored him some major concert bookings and organizational affiliation all year round
with Sand Music Festival being the highlight of the said year, where he graced the stage with an
energetic and blazing performance that left the audience in awe and blissful euphoria.
In April of 2017 the Afro-pop sensation released the smashing hit of his career called “Delilah” that got
nominated for the song of the year in the Urban Music Party awards. The song made rounds in most of
the media outlets at the time and spearheaded Saint’s career boost landing him as one of the urban
music giants to ever grace the local industry in the last decade of the millennium.2018 was a year that
Saint endeavored on a musical relationship with the country’s Hip-Hop giant Macelba,a top notch selling
Hip Hop act with the release of a “Tchekela Maluzi” as a debut single of the dynamic duo. The
synchronization of his solo releases and collaborative work was a double entendre following the
miscellaneous features that trended in the same year including songs like “Friends” with Jay Jay Cee,

Wanga with Hilco a female Afro-pop artist with hits like “Ekizakitile” to her name. ”Mtenga Moyo and
Nelia” were the hits that propelled Saint through the year 2019 extending the demographics of his
musical by adding in more female to his fan base.
In the year 2020 Saint and Macelba released another hit single together called “Chisankho” on which
Macelba featured Saint and the legendary Afro-Soul Phenomenal Lulu. Later in the same year Saint
released another smash hit single called “Hi-Ha” that featured Macelba, Eshent and Laynex Luther. Hi￾Ha was a lead single of Saint’s Extended Playlist that he released the same year, titled “Pre-Birth”.
The artist’s brand has grown enormously over the years allowing him to work with renowned
organizations like UN, USAID, UNECO, GIZ among many others, rendering him as one of the top selling
local urban music artists of his 2021 he came third on the COSOMA royalties list.
Saint is still an independent artist that has a management deal with Tinkhani Phiri as his manager. He is
currently working on his second studio album whose release dates will be communicated later.
Sispence, C kay, Tricky Beats, OBK, EQ,Gaffar,Propee and Don Foxxy are some of the music producers
that are within Saint’s circle and potentially involved in the production of his new album that is

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