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• Submit your music via WhatsApp line
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  • K70 Audio Upload
  • K130 Video
  • K20 News
  • K50 Artwork
  • K50 Biography
  • K150 Banner
  • K75 Radio Airplay (1 Week)
  • K175 Audio Upload + Sponsorship
  • K270 Video Upload + Sponsorship
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  • K350 Zambianmusicpromos Artist Membership
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• All we ask from you is:
1. Artist stage name
2. Track title and name of any one featured
3. Artist song Art (song cover photo)
4. Clean mp3 file or Download link
5. Facebook ID ,Twitter , Instagram and Phone Number
Accept Payments Via Airtel , MTN, Zamtel Mobile Money, Zoona, Bank Transfer or Western Union.
We will upload once we confirm your payments in 24hrs.
Unfortunately we can’t just promote anyone, all artists that send in materials go through a strict approval process where some of our team reviews your lyrics, vocals and quality. Its those factors that decide whether we promote you or not. If you are disapproved this doesn’t mean you are not good enough, its just we feel that your work needs improvement before we can promote you.
Thank you!!….


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